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XSD200 Smoke Alarm with Radio Link

Radio-Link XSD Smoke Alarm. Smart-Home capable.

The New XSD Radio-Linke Smoke Alarm

The XSD200 is a radio-link smoke and heat alarm in one single device. It shares all the properties and specifications of its smaller brother, the XSD100: Easy installation by adhesive gel pad, kitchen compatible, insect guard. The devices is powered for at least 10 years by two built-in batteries. Changing the batteries during the lifecycle of the product is not necessary.


The XSD200 is a highly evolved radio-linked smoke alarm and the ideal solution to protect bigger apartments or houses, even having several floors. When one of the radio-linked devices detects smoke, the device itself as well as all other devices within the network will alert the occupants reliably, without delay, in a clear and loud manner. Up to 15 devices may be interconnected to one single network.

... and Smart Home Ready

Optionally the XSD200 can be connected to the PX-AR Alarm Relays and thus be embedded in our Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System.


The XSD200 is not only certified according to CE EN 14604 but also carries the Q-Label which is synonym for particularly stringed quality requirements, reliability and longevity.

XSD200 Technical Specifications



Smoke detector according to EN 14604:2005/AC:2008 (Radio-linked)


Up to 60 m2 (depending on structural conditions)


868.3 MHz

Data Encryption


Max. networked devices per radio group


Max. number of networked radio groups


Repeater Function


2 x 3.0 V lithium (built in)

Battery Life

Maximum 10 years

Ambient Operating Temperature

5 to 55°C

Alarm Temperature

≥ 60° C

Alarm Volume

> 85 dB

Optimum Storage Conditions

5 to 35° C, < 70% rel. humidity

Protection Class

IP 40

Colour of Casing


Material (Casing)


Product Dimensions

105 x 38 mm


156 g net (without adhesive Gel-Pad)
194 g net (including adhesive Gel-Pad)
268 g gross (including adhesive Gel-Pad + packaging)

Readable data storage with Export function

Bi-Sensor-Technologie (smoke and heat detection)

Kitchen suitable

Installation Method

Certified adhesive acrylate foam pad for screw and adhesive mounting


Pyrexx GmbH