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XSD200 Smoke Alarm with Radio Link

Radio-Link XSD Smoke Alarm. Smart-Home capable.

The New XSD Radio-Linke Smoke Alarm

The XSD200 is a radio-link smoke and heat alarm in one single device. It shares all the properties and specifications of its smaller brother, the XSD100: Easy installation by adhesive gel pad, kitchen compatible, insect guard. The devices is powered for at least 10 years by two built-in batteries. Changing the batteries during the lifecycle of the product is not necessary.


The XSD200 is a highly evolved radio-linked smoke alarm and the ideal solution to protect bigger apartments or houses, even having several floors. When one of the radio-linked devices detects smoke, the device itself as well as all other devices within the network will alert the occupants reliably, without delay, in a clear and loud manner. Up to 15 devices may be interconnected to one single network.

... and Smart Home Ready

Optionally the XSD200 can be connected to the Pyrexx PX-iP Gateway and PX-AR Alarm Relays and thus be embedded in our Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System. Further information about our online Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System can be found here.


The XSD200 is not only certified according to CE EN 14604 but also carries the Q-Label which is synonym for particularly stringed quality requirements, reliability and longevity.

XSD200 Technical Specifications



Smoke detector according to EN 14604:2005/AC:2008 (Radio-linked)


Up to 60 m2 (depending on structural conditions)


868.3 MHz

Data Encryption


Max. networked devices per radio group


Max. number of networked radio groups


Repeater Function


2 x 3.0 V lithium (built in)

Battery Life

Maximum 10 years

Ambient Operating Temperature

5 to 55°C

Alarm Temperature

≥ 60° C

Alarm Volume

> 85 dB

Optimum Storage Conditions

5 to 35° C, < 70% rel. humidity

Protection Class

IP 40

Colour of Casing


Material (Casing)


Product Dimensions

105 x 38 mm


156 g net (without adhesive Gel-Pad)
194 g net (including adhesive Gel-Pad)
268 g gross (including adhesive Gel-Pad + packaging)

Readable data storage with Export function

Bi-Sensor-Technologie (smoke and heat detection)

Kitchen suitable

Installation Method

Certified adhesive acrylate foam pad for screw and adhesive mounting


Pyrexx GmbH

PDF Download

Dimensions XSD100 and XSD200

Quick Reference Guide Pyrexx XSD200