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Pyrexx Web-App

The electronic maintenance manager. For consumers and professionals.

The electronic maintenance manager

The Pyrexx Web-App is a flexible software developed to record manual testing and maintenance services for smoke alarms and other devices. The modern and intuitively designed web application is optimized for both private and commercial use. With a user-friendly interface, it offers a simple and efficient way to track and organize maintenance activities. Great for use in both home and work environments, the Pyrexx web app is the perfect solution for effectively managing your security devices.

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For private users...

Safety at a glance and on demand. If you use the Pyrexx Web-App for apartment(s) which you use yourself, you will be shown a list of your devices immediately after you login. By using Pyrexx wireless smoke detectors, you are kept informed of the current security status of your home wherever you are. The modern and user-friendly web application allows you to efficiently monitor the security of your residential unit and gives you direct insight into important security information.

...and maintenance service providers

Map view – optimise your appointments. The dwellings you select are presented to you clearly on a map view. You can therefore plan in which order you will drive to the apartments.

Simply enter maintenance

Document the maintenance services you provide quickly using check boxes and the electronically-captured signatures of the contractor and the customer. Maintenance services you have carried out can be evaluated by dwelling, sorted chronologically based on a reporting date.

Secure evidence in the event of an emergency

A fire-proof maintenance log: Evidence of the annual maintenance of the smoke alarm devices in accordance with DIN 14676 can be provided using the Pyrexx Web-App in the form of a PDF file. The document includes a historical record of all the maintenance work performed in a dwelling and can be used as evidence for an insurance company or contract partners. As it is an electronic maintenance log, it cannot burst into flames. All data is retained in the event of an incident.

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