About Us


Pyrexx is a service provider for the housing industry, manufacturer of smoke alarms and a developer of state-of-the-art software. Pyrexx offers the best value for money with the highest levels of service and security in Germany and in Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Pyrexx was founded in 2005 with the goal of protecting as many people as possible from the consequences of fire, regardless of their social position, ethnic background and religious affiliation in a way which is reliable, affordable and sustainable. It is also particularly important for us to create secure jobs which are environmentally friendly and to act in a socially integrated way.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

We are aware that natural resources, technology and humans should not work against each other, but should work together. Sustainability is not a project, but a never ending process and therefore there is still a lot for us to do. A constructive dialogue between employees, suppliers, customers and end customers is only one of many aspects when it comes to the environmentally-friendly future development of the company and our products. Pyrexx is certified according to EN ISO 14001:2015 for the Design, Production and Sales of Smoke Alarms.


Pyrexx started digitisation before the word became popular. Since its inception, Pyrexx has been developing its own corporate ERP in oder to optimise and automise all its processes. We work with machine-readable asset data that are synced automatically via APIs. All the properties are geocoded and scheduled automatically. The activity and performance monitoring are fully digital. Our customers can observe in real time the execution of the contract.

Data Protection

  • Privacy First – Pyrexx Software is fully EU-GDPR compliant
  • All data is stored on German servers
  • Personal data is encrypted
  • User stats are not directly connected to their respective profile
  • Pyrexx employs two data privacy officers and works with a specialist lawyer’s office.

Our Clients and Partners


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