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Expand our product's capabilities with these accessories.

PX-AR Alarm Relay for External Applications

The PX-AR Alarm Relay is an output and input module, which can be integrated into a PX-1C Smoke Alarm radio group. When an alarm is triggered, the PX-AR controls external applications through a cable, e.g.: Acoustic or visual signals, Ventilation systems, Roller shutter systems, Home automation systems. In combination with a trigger button, the acoustic alarm of PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms can be activated manually by this alarm relay. The device is equipped with a built-in long-term lithium battery and can be operated without an external power supply.

Diagnostic Device for Smoke Alarms

RWM MC for Pyrexx Smoke Detectors: With the RWM MC, service providers receive information about e.g. battery status and smoke chamber value of the PX-1 or PX-1C. This value provides information about the degree of contamination.

Mounting Rod with Claw Holder

Pyrexx Telescopic Rod: This tool is available as an accessory for service providers. It allows easy and sturdy installation of Pyrexx Smoke Alarm devices without using a ladder.