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XCO100 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Reliable protection against the invisible danger.

XCO100 - The Pyrexx Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Pyrexx Carbon Monoxide Alarm detects rising concentrations of carbon monoxide and emits an acoustic and visual alarm once a threshold is reached.

Unlike most similar devices, the XCO100 has a unique night mode, dimming the LED light automatically to allow for an undisturbed sleep, without bright or flashing LEDs.

Carbon Monoxide - why we need to worry

Carbon Monoxide is a toxic, invisible, tasteless and odourless gas. Even minute quantities can be fatal. The dangers related to carbon monoxide come from the combustion of flammable materials containing carbon. In our households these combustions typically occur in:

  • open fireplaces and coal-burning stoves
  • gas ranges for cooking
  • oil or gas stoves for heating

Key features: Overview

  • Simple handling. Just like with our smoke alarm devices, the entire bottom cover of the casing has a test/stop function 
  • Lean and inconspicuous design. Just like our other devices the XCO100 aims at being invisible
  • Certified for boats, camper vans and caravans
  • 3 year warranty and a 10 year battery



Type of detection

Carbon Monoxide

Sensor technology

Electro chemical sensor



CO Alarm thresholds

50 PPM:  Alarm between 60 and 90 minutes
100 PPM: Alarm between 10 and 40 minutes
300 PPM: Alarm within 3 minutes

Other conformities



10 years

Environmental limits

Temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C
Humidity: 25% to 95% RH (non condensing)

Storage and transportations limits

Temperature: -15 °C to +50 °C
Humidity : 20% to 95% RH (non condensing)

IP protection class


Power source

Long lasting lithium battery, 3 V, sealed. It’s not necessary to change the battery.

Optical alarm

Power: green LED
Alarm: red LED (XXL)
Malfunction: yellow LED

Acoustic alarm

85 dB

CO alarm mute switch

about 10 minutes

Battery alarm mute switch

about 9 hours

Detection range

max. 40 m2 within one room


95 mm × 95 mm × 25 mm




Wall, ceiling

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