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XSD360 Smoke Alarm

The Next Generation Smoke Detector - our new Type A Detector.

XSD360: The next generation Smoke Alarm

For 13 years we have been successfully producing Smoke Alarms in Berlin. Germany as a manufacturing base also pays off for our customers. Our Products satisfy the highest security criteria, are durable, easy to use and thus fulfill  their most important Goal:

Using Pyrexx Smoke Alarms people can sleep safely and rely on being alarmed in case of an emergency.

With our newest Smoke Alarm XSD360A we are building the foundation for a new Pyrexx product generation. We are keeping well-tried features while using a revolutionary new measuring system which sets a new security standard for the future.

Innovations in the new generation Smoke Alarm

The XSD360A was developed by us using a new revolutionary optical measuring system which comes with an improved detection as it can qualify different types of smoke which enables much more precise alarming.

A new optical LED based pre-alarm enables a much earlier signaling of possible hazards – even before a loud acoustical signal is being given. This leads to a lower false alarm quote and enables one to react quicker to possible slowly developing fires.

The new measuring system of the XSD360A also enables a better use of the alarm inside kitchens.

Removal detection

With the next generation our stand alone Smoke Alarm gets a removal detection feature. It gives an early signal to the user that it belongs on its mounting base. We are ensuring that the life saver is in its correct position at all times.

Its possible to deactivate this feature temporarily for renovations.

User experience

We are creating smoke alarms that our customers love to use. Usability was what drove our development since the creation of the first Pyrexx Smoke Alarm.

The XSD360A continues to offer our proven and certified adhesive gel pad for easy mounting as well as a big Check/Stop button. A timeless but modern design was important for the new generation as well so that it blends nicely in its environment.

Another new feature is our optional Life-Sign function that can be enabled where wanted. When enabled the Smoke Alarm will show a short optical signal via LED that shows the constant readiness of the life saver.

In it’s default setting this feature is not enabled, so that the XSD360A only shows optical signals on errors and (pre-) alarms.

Longevity & Quality

The new device generation also continues our guiding principle of the last 13 years:

– achieving the highest product quality using our production facility in Berlin, Germany. The use of next generation components build the foundation of a secure product. Naturally we still use our proven battery with a lifetime of 10+ years. Additionally the new XSD360A already was certified with the new Q-Label and thus fulfills the highest european qualitiy standard.

XSD360A Technical Specifications




Smoke detector according to EN14604:2005/AC:2008, with Q-Label


Up to 60 m2 (depending on structural conditions, see DIN14676)

Battery life

1 x 3.0 V lithium (built in, non exchangable)


10 years

Acoustical alarm

> 85 dB(A)

Ambient operating temperature

5 to 55 °C

Optimum storage conditions

5 to 35° C, <70% rel. humidity

Protection class


Colour / Material of Casing

White / ABS

Product Dimensions (ØxH)

100 x 38 mm

Weight (without packaging and mounting material)

ca. 130 g

Data Storage with Export Function


Kitchen suitable

Installation Method

Certified adhesive acrylate foam pad for screw and adhesive mounting