PX-AR Alarm Relay


Control Relay for External Applications

The PX-AR Alarm Relay is an output and input module, which can be integrated into a PX-1C Smoke Alarm radio group. When an alarm is triggered, the PX-AR controls external applications through a cable, e.g.:

  • Acoustic or visual signals
  • Ventilation systems
  • Roller shutter systems
  • Home automation systems

In combination with a trigger button, the acoustic alarm of PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms can be activated manually by this alarm relay. The device is equipped with a built-in long-term lithium battery and can be operated without an external power supply.

Diagnostic Device for Smoke Alarms

RWM-MC weiß

RWM MC for Pyrexx Smoke Detectors

With the RWM MC, service providers receive information about e.g. battery status and smoke chamber value of the PX-1 or PX-1C. This value provides information about the degree of contamination.

Mounting Rod with Claw Holder

Montagestab weiß

Pyrexx Telescopic Rod

This tool is available as an accessory for service providers. It allows easy and sturdy installation of Pyrexx Smoke Alarm devices without using a ladder.