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As there is a great interest on our part that photos of our products appear in consistently high quality, we ask you that if you are interested in advertising material or product photos, to please use the high quality pictures on our website. Should you need something that you cannot find via the following links, please simply contact us via email and we will get in contact with you as quickly as possible.


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Is it possible to copy or use pictures or graphics on Pyrexx advertising material or on the website?
The rights to the pictures of our smoke detectors belong to us – Pyrexx GmbH or its subsidiary. Using them is subject to specific conditions of use.
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What environmental influences can trigger an alarm in the smoke detector?
As smoke detectors measure the transparency of the surrounding air by means of a photocell, gases which are very dense can trigger an alarm from the device. With dense water vapour and vapour from cooking, roasting, baking and grilling an appropriately high concentration of such gases in the surrounding environment of the smoke detector can set off an alarm as a precaution. Building dust, spray mist from spray painting, insect and room scent sprays which get into the smoke detector can also trigger an alarm and also contaminate the device. In a few cases, it has been known for an alarm to be triggered due to a strong through-draft or great variance in temperature.
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