New Customers of Pyrexx Products

Private customers

The PX-1 is available in all its versions from from specialist and online retailers. No matter whether you like the classic version, prefer diverse colours or if you are a fan of the precious metals gold and silver, we are guaranteed to have the right smoke detector for your home. Should you have problems in your search, then contact us and we be happy to help you.

Commercial retail customers

You would like to become a reseller for Pyrexx products (online shop, chimney sweep, service provider from the area of facility management...): you can request a quote directly from our new customer portal. We are also happy to advise you personally.

New Customers of Pyrexx Services

I am from the housing industry/ owner's association management and would like to buy or lease Pyrexx smoke detectors and have them professionally serviced once a year as per DIN EN 14676 or would like to have another Pyrexx service.

Firms from the housing industry

We have experience with large housing stocks! We are happy to personally advise customers with housing stocks of over 500 units.

Owner's association customers – Pyrexx services

Via our new customer portal you can receive a quote in real time by entering your key data on your housing stock Depending on availability of our service staff, we can immediately officially install our quality smoke detectors and then service them once a year as per DIN EN 14676. We are also happy to advise you personally.

Accept a quote

We wish to congratulate you on your decision!

You can easily download a reseller or service contract, along with our current Terms and Conditions, via our quote portal. As a Pyrexx reseller or as a customer of our services, you will receive access to a password-protected customer portal after receipt of the signed contract (and the registration of a trade, if applicable). It will take you through step by step. No matter whether it's a case of multiple orders of smoke detectors to different delivery addresses or an overview of the progress of services in your housing stock you have an overall view!

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