Robust Technology with a High Degree of Security


Do not play with the good name of your company. The VDP application builds upon reliable tried and tested components, which guarantee maximum uptime.


Legislation demands ever more strict constraints for the processing of order data. The VDP application always stores and transmits all data encoded, so that no unauthorised person can have access. Furthermore, it has a system of rights, which allows access to the data and to the modules to be managed right down to the smallest detail, so that each employee can only access the information which is intended for them.

Artificial intelligence

An important aspect of automation is autonomisation: intelligent algorithms recognise patterns, groupings and outliers... and take autonomous decisions. So that a high degree of automation can be robustly guaranteed, the data must be constantly checked for plausibility and coherence. For example, so that only one notice is hung up in Arentstrasse 10/ Arendtstr. 10/ Arent-Stra├če 10 and not three!