Graffiti Removal and Surface Cleaning

02 NEU Graffiti Entfernung

Pyrexx offers you an eco friendly and innovative graffiti removal and surface cleaning. Our service employees can remove graffiti from your house facade and every other surface. We only use cleaning equipment with a patented vacuum jet technology. It cleans every surface without any damage, no matter if it is a clinker, sandstone or granite facade.

The cleaning equipment has a closed circuit system. With this equipment our service employees can clean every space all year long without causing any dirt. While cleaning there is no need to use any chemicals, high pressure, sandblast or water. This makes it possible to clean every surface without damaging the structure. Another plus is the easy waste disposal which causes no extra expenses for hazardous waste.

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A variety of applications

03 NEU Graffiti Entfernung

Our innovative cleaning service does not only work for graffiti removal. The used technology is also an eco friendly way to clean every other surface. It is especially effective on surfaces like natural stone, exposed concrete, clinker, granite and tiles. Even clear glass can be cleaned so gently that the glass itself does not get dull. In this way you save money for an extra polish.

Other possible applications are:

  • cleaning of external wall insulation systems
  • mold removal
  • cleaning of mosaics
  • removal of niter and moss
  • monument conservation

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04 NEU Graffiti Entfernung

You can book our graffiti removal and surface cleaning service now via our quotation portal or telephone. Our service employees will come to your location within one week (depending on the weather condition).

We only work with our own service staff and without any subcontractors. Hereby we can be fast and uncomplicated at every destination around Germany. Besides the fast appointments we also offer you fair prices and document ever working step in our quotation portal. There we upload pictures so you have a pre-post comparison.

For further questions please contact us via phone 004930-8871 6060 or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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