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New Horizons in Modern Fire Protection

Thanks to the PX-iP Internet Gateway, the PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms can now be upgraded to a smart and reliable Wi-Fi smoke alarm system. When a smoke alarm device triggers an alarm, you will receive a message directly on your smartphone, tablet or your home computer, displaying the precise location, temperature specification as well as information about the affected room.

Therefore, you do not waste any time in case of compartment fires. You can also opt for an alarm notification by phone.

Smoke Alarm System with PX-iP Gateway


Installation Examples for Residential Homes

The Pyrexx Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System for residential homes embeds PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms in a network of devices that communicate with each other. Therefore it opens new horizons in modern fire protection. The base component of the system is the PX-iP Internet Gateway, which integrates into your home Wi-Fi network and connects all of the linked smoke alarms to the internet.

The Wi-Fi smoke alarm system can be comfortably and intuitively configured by using the Pyrexx Web-App.

The Future in Fire Protection


Internet Gateway – Central Control Unit

On vacation, during the commute to work or in the gardens: The Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System from Pyrexx reliably keeps you informed about the security status of your home, regardless of where you are. The PX-iP interconnects the PX-1C Smoke Alarms with the internet through Wi-Fi or LAN cable. The gateway can be easily and intuitively configured and controlled by using the Pyrexx Web-App.

An emergency power supply and the integrated SIM card ensure proper functionality even if there are internet connection problems. The Pyrexx Web-App is free of charge for nonprofessional users and presents itself in an attractive and user-friendly design.

Optional Gateway-to-Gateway Network


Solutions for large Housing Complexes

Provided that integrated fire alarm systems are not mandatory, the PX-iP Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System serves for early and reliable fire detection. Ideal applications are e.g. apartment buildings, residential establishments, assisted living, day-care centres or container accommodation units.

For large-scale applications, multiple PX-iP Internet Gateways can be networked with each other. The Pyrexx Web-App assists service providers with the intuitive configuration of the PX-iP Internet Gateway.

Features of the PX-iP Gateway

The Most Important Product Characteristics

Pyrexx Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm Systems' functions and features:

  • Alarm forwarding per SMS or email: 24 hours a day
  • In case of an alarm, the system displays the precise location, temperature specification as well as information about the affected room
  • Further Status information includes contamination, battery status as well as the signal strength of the networked PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms
  • Configuration using the browser-based Pyrexx Web-App
  • Optimal operational safety through emergency power supply and integrated SIM card that provides sufficient free data volume (Data volume for use within the EU, can optionally be upgraded)
  • PX-iP Internet Gateways include a networking function
  • Each gateway can connect a maximum number of 14 PX-1C Smoke Alarms to the internet
  • PX-iP Internet Gateways are maintenance free
  • Phone call alarm notifications available as an upgradable feature

Long Range Radio-Linked Smoke Alarm Device


Wireless and Reliable Interconnected Device

PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms in compliance with the EU product standard EN 14604 can easily be interconnected with each other. Through the sensor-controlled safety mechanism, an alarm is triggered only if there really is concrete evidence of a fire. PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms offer reliable protection against nuisance alarms.

Pyrexx wireless devices are particularly suitable for large or multi-storeyed houses or apartments, and can cover long transmission paths of more than 400 metres in open spaces (±10 %). Thanks to the built-in long-term lithium batteries, annoying and expensive battery changes are no longer required. For purchases from an authorised retailer or sales partner, we guarantee a defect-free device for a duration of 10+2 years.

Pyrexx Web-App


Smart Maintenance Management Software

The Pyrexx Web-App is a versatile software that not only has a configuration and control function for the PX-iP Internet Gateway, but can also register annual testing and maintenance performed on smoke alarms or other devices. The modern and intuitive design of this browser-based application is optimised for private and commercial use and can be operated on all devices.

Additionally the maintenance management software offers comprehensive additional features for service providers. Using the Pyrexx Web-App, maintenance protocols can be downloaded as PDF.

Technical Specifications

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  • Wireless networking with the PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms
  • Frequency: 868.3 MHz in accordance with R&TTE directive
  • Data encryption: AES256
  • Transmission paths 400 m (± 10 %) in the open field
  • Maximum number of interconnected PX-1C Smoke alarms: 14
  • Gateway-to-Gateway network
  • LAN, Wi-Fi according to IEEE 802.11b/g/n and GSM (backup)
  • Software can be updated
  • 32-bit processor
  • Operation using the browser-based Pyrexx Web App
  • Scope of delivery includes USB power unit, USB cable and LAN cable

To download the technical specification oft the PX-iP click here.